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Friday, 10 November 2017

Essentials for a trip

I’m up early. This week has been a bit shocking to my system. Last week we spend days in the warm sun. Spraying ourselves with sunscreen. Eating ice.
This week I was looking through the pairs of gloves we own as the first night frost happened.
6 Days ago we flew back from Jordan.
Today I’m packing my bag again.
That means I see more airplanes on the inside then Mark does at the moment. Which is pretty special to say when your hubby is a pilot.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Pink Laundry Grace

It’s a Monday afternoon. It’s laundry day. I’m on my fourth load.
Once a week I do a pink/ red/ orange coloured laundry. Since the last couple of weeks this load contains a pink ballet costume, with light pink tights, pink leg warmers and a pink cardigan.

It’s been eight years since the devastating news of our daughter’s dead.  Eight years since the dream of having pink socks on my washing line seemed to be lost. Eight years since I cried with every load of laundry for what I thought would never be…

This week I had a phone call with a friend who lost her baby this spring in a miscarriage. We hadn’t spoken to each other in eight years as our lives passed by on Facebook. But when she wrote us an email last week telling us about her miscarriage, naming Hannah by name I felt the need to just talk with her. And so we did. We cried together on the phone. We laughed. We understood each other in each other grief. Hers so fresh, mine never far away.

Today is laundry day. Today, while I’m hanging our second daughter’s ballet clothes on the washing line tears drop down again. Tears of thankfulness. Tears of laughter. Tears of redemption drop down.  With every pink item I thank the Lord for both our daughters. With joy!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

When life rocks....

I can’t get rid of that sad feeling around my heart. That fogginess in my brain. That tideness in my tummy. The weariness on my eyelids.
Lord- create in me a new heart. In this world that I don’t understand.

So, Tim’s conclusion is on Friday evening, the praying didn’t work. He’s right. The prayers didn’t work. I still had to tell my oldest son that his teacher died that morning. The teacher that drowned in front of all of the children from the secondary level at school.

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Mum… look… I can’t get down from the playcastle. There is a big bug on the steps. Mum….
Not very fond of bug myself I gladly let Mark come and have a look. A big big bug is sitting still on one of the log steps from our castle in the garden. The size of it looks dangerous. It’s kind of wasp sort of thingy. As it’s definitely in the way the decision to kill it is easy. A minute later Aimée can safely come down.
A few days later we see the same insect in our garden. Again on a wooden log. It’s time to let google help us. After a bit of research it tells us that it’s a giant wood wasp/ giant horntail. Google tells us they are not dangerous. Seeing the size of them I am still not convinced. I'm not sure what to thing about this biology lesson in our garden.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Je porte Bonheur

It’s the 1st of May. It’s labor-day in France. It’s a great day to be at work as it’s the only day in the whole year that you get double payed by law. Today Mark is working. 
I have a peaceful quiet morning with our children at home. We still walk around in our pj’s when the bell rings. “Mum, it’s somebody old at the door. I think it’s a neighbour.” 

Covered in my dressing gown I walk bare foot to the door. Then on to the little path in our front yard where I meet my neighbours. With the two ‘bise’ we great each other. In my neighbours hands is a little pot filled with lily of the valley’s or ‘muguet’ as the French call them.
It’s a tradition in France to bring them to your friends and/ or neighbours on the first of May. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

Creating a smile

Last December, when we went to see our friends in London, we spend a day in town. Each of our children was given 10 pounds. They could do whatever they wanted with the money. The only condition was that they also needed to make somebody happy with it.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Tuesday April 11th

Thank goodness we didn’t plan to leave at 4 am, I think while I’m trying to get all the bags packed for our 11 days long roadtrip through Spain. 
A week before I convinced Mark we really needed to have at least one suitcase checked in. Sunscreen, shampoo, coughing syrup, so many things to take for a family that are not allowed in the handluggage. And so we pack our bags a bit messy. I’ll sort all the individual stuff like toiletry bags out in Spain, I think while I’m closing the big suitcase.